The Ideologies of Authoritarianism
and Totalitarianism

What are their principles?   How can we protect ourselves from these ideologies?

To recognize and understand authoritarian concepts you need Aengus Song's print and audio-recorded study:

The principles of authoritarian political ideologies are abstruse and sophisticated. They can require years of study to fully comprehend. But Aengus Song's print and audio-recorded study Foundations of Authoritarian Thought can be listened to in less than four hours, at home or during your daily commute. Yet it provides a comprehensive and systematic explanation of all of the major authoritarian philosophic and theological arguments.

And authoritarian ideologies can be difficult to recognize as authoritarian. The principal reason for this is that most authoritarian ideas are not explicitly political, but rather are metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical. Yet Aengus Song's Foundations of Authoritarian Thought makes every aspect of the authoritarian ideological tradition easy to recognize as authoritarian by explaining how authoritarian metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical arguments provide foundations for the explicitly political aspects of authoritarian ideology.

Aengus Song's Foundations of Authoritarian Thought is an ideal study guide for:

political journalists and editorialists who require a sophisticated grasp of the authoritarian philosophic and theological tradition but who lack the time to study the subject independently.
historians who need to periodically refresh their understanding of authoritarian philosophical and theological ideas.
literary artists who wish to illustrate classic authoritarian themes in their narratives; and literary and film critics who want to better be able to interpret, and help readers and audiences interpret, such themes in the works of novelists, playwrights and scriptwriters.
political science instructors who want to quickly introduce their students to the basic principles of the authoritarian ideological tradition, as a prelude to a more detailed study of the subject. The four disc set of CDs that contain the audio-recorded lectures are each approximately 50 to 55 minutes long and can be played during one class period. Within as little as a week students can acquire a sturdy grasp of the major authoritarian metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, and political arguments.
The destinies of democratic societies are ultimately in the hands of voters like you, who must pick the political leaders who guide society. Voters must be able to recognize the political implications of the philosophical and theological bromides that come out of the mouths of those who seek to influence them. Listening to or reading Aengus Song's Foundations of Authoritarian Thought , at home or in your car, will bring your understanding of authoritarian philosophic and theological arguments to a razor sharp edge and keep it there. You will not mistake dangerous philosophic and theological ideas for harmless if you have a thorough grasp of authoritarian political philosophy. You will be able to protect your own mind from such philosophy, and you will be able to protect your society.